Hello Merica! I'm just an ole country boy, living in the backwoods in the nicest double wide you ever did see. I’m here to have a good time and make people laugh!

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  1. owen omori

    yes sir

  2. motocross03087

    Super bad idea for sure!

  3. Johannes Vikestad Trøan

    I win all of my arguments with females then

  4. Jovel Williams

    Number 2 is right. You are speaking to an operator undercover for NSA. Trump is still the President.

  5. Chandarella Cardino

    Lmao asf " I don't know if I want to eat that or stick my wiener in it "

  6. Big boy Eat drink hoon

    As soon as he opens the door you go “oh no!

  7. BA-DUMP

    8 mins of knowledge

  8. Samuel Schick

    GB, Next time I say up the game. Wife asks the questions and give your son the shock controller.

  9. DR.Mcstaby

    Finally someone says it, thank you billy

  10. Tim 2 Apple Cell

    I see the inner truck within that sucker, give you an 8 on a scale to 10.

  11. Alan Burns

    Please for the love of God drive this thing by cops and video every second of the interaction

  12. Jeff Stoker


  13. Robert Allain

    LMFAO !!! man u need your own tv show . u could be the red / green of hillbillys ..

  14. R. F.

    What an aweful accent, so ugly

  15. yoathe

    We need a Female brain video coutesy of your wife

  16. Casper TGB

    Bruh 😂 😂 😂

  17. DEEZ Nuts

    I bet yawl them boys with them squatted trucks...squat to pee too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. #VBsDrinkReviews

    What would you charge to build me one or help me build one ? this would be amazing since I just had back surgery.


    [email protected]#K?

  20. Joe Young

    These 2 are so hilarious together 😂

  21. Franko Flyer

    Headlights trying to spot airplanes ✈

  22. Khloe Rabnta

    Lmao this guy cracks me up

  23. Scott Skinner

    Looks like it's squatting to take a pee.

  24. Steve Trejo

    💯 @ tj Stinson !!! Lmao

  25. monkeyboycj2281

    That is completely alll my wife's purse! Especially the receipts!!

  26. trey hood

    I live in SC to😂

  27. Johnathan Mozingo

    The Damn Audacity

  28. Johnathan Mozingo

    I’m flacking dead billy. True it’s a bunch of morons ate up with dumbazz. Keep’em kuming 🤣

  29. Isolated Tae


  30. Isolated Tae

    No squatted trucks over here

  31. Ralfie

    He lost me when he said he was going to the store for a few things. I know that’s wrong, at the first rumor of a snow storm, true southerners flock to the stores and empty them like there’s no tomorrow. The only thing you might find on any shelf is the last tub of tofu.

  32. Cliffy J

    Looks like someone has been skipin leg day !!!

  33. Chris M

    I usually watch videos at 1.5x speed until I get to GB then I have to set it to .0000025 speed

  34. Corey Mitchell


  35. barney

    dAmN bOy hE tHiCk

  36. roland curtis

    my dads a mechanic and a machinist. we are building one of these

  37. roland curtis

    that is so fucking cool man

  38. Junk drawer

    You and whistlin diesel have to do a video, you two would make a hilarious content

  39. T-Dabbing T-Dabber

    Billy forgot the color of the dress his wife wore on their wedding day. My diagnosis: Amnesia

  40. Joshua Cox

    HFTG Gland or the Dick Measuring Gland

  41. T-Dabbing T-Dabber

    "What was the date we met?" "Hold on, let me check my diary"

  42. Red Wyvern

    Couldn't have said it better myself

  43. Jake Gaming

    My boi be packing a D O M P T R U C K

  44. Green Weenie


  45. T-Dabbing T-Dabber

    My 2nd brain likes to control the power tool region, if you know what I mean

  46. roland curtis

    please roland. your wrirting this while drunk, this is not heralthy for you. please, for god sake, do not get drtunk on johnny bootletgger tommmoroww nighht plesas.

  47. Wade Rutkowski

    We need a Truck Gang T emoji

  48. Frank Maxfield

    Damn I love me some ginger billy


    I dont understand this vid-

  50. moviehipster

    Sell out ginger Doing commercials By bye

  51. Dozer1642

    I don’t judge. The gayness don’t even bother me. The fact that you are gay don’t even bug me.

  52. Union County Railfan

    What the... must be the style of truck that gays like... we American Patriots live our trucks lifted and diesel 💪🏼😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  53. Trashmouth Wilson

    Bro I saw this super jacked up truck at my school At least 13 inches

  54. Dean White

    Drink every time he says wiener’s .

  55. Tripp Beard

    Tooted is the technical term now

  56. Manuel Aguilar

    We’re built different

  57. ham burber

    The wife should apologize for dreaming stuff like that

  58. Mateo Peck

    Any one else notice that other guy only had one arm

  59. Ennard Landa

    "That look like a vi-na right there, like he sexually assisted that chicken right there"

  60. cablecow15

    I'm glad I'm not the only one angry when I see a truck ruined like that

  61. Samuel Schick

    "When the leaf blower blew the cast iron claw foot bathtub through the wall, it was at that moment he knew he fucked up."

  62. Samuel Schick

    GB, You have it easy. I got in trouble with my wife because one of her female friends had a dream that I had sex with another of her female friends. Damn, it was not even my wife's dream! LOL

  63. Fearful Clan


  64. Chris Boggs

    So what you're saying is I should just go to a bar and just shake my little wiener all over the place and a fish or even a woman will put their mouth on it??? Interesting ill give it a try lol

  65. Jeff Clark

    I can see how handy it would be to wheelie over the driveway, kids toys, and hoses without slowing the job down. Good work?

  66. Tanner Leblanc

    his neck is bigger than his brain

  67. FPS Scorpio

    That chicken was treated better than how Hulk Hogan over there treats his wife.

  68. Tommy Jacks

    Truth brother i love your work its funny as f thank you

  69. Ellison Brown III

    Billy is a fool!!! 🤣

  70. Not gonna lie man, I thought this was for kids

    This video really came straight from the heart of Texas. 👀

  71. Carol McLean

    You’re so funny and so creative. Keep going….

  72. 24HOURCAR

    What is interesting, is that pro-pitbull shelters/transporters would move aggressive pitbulls (of course among others) to a different state or even Canada and change its name and make up lies that he is a good dog while he has a history of aggression. Look it up. It’s been a problem for a while.

  73. Susannee Dilcher

    U make me laugh EVERY time. I seem to come across more ADULTS than children that need these “filters!”...........by far!!

  74. Christopher Elly


  75. Chris Boggs

    Resting meth face lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. King Fu

    We called that “Bulldoggin” when I was in school, but it was only a couple / three inches and usually unplanned due to inadequate design / mismatch on after market suspension parts. Who in the Hell would’ve predicted ppl would be doing this on purpose some day?

  77. Kasper N

    The squat has a purpose. Just like camber. That being said you always have the autozone ricer mechanics who take it to such an extreme that it has no purpose anymore. Most in this thread have no idea and it shows.

    1. Kasper N

      I personally would never own a squatted truck but to each their own.

    2. Kasper N

      Trucks use squat for baja racing and jumps. Keeps the truck level.

  78. Trepe Jaworski

    #truck gang

  79. killa S

    Man I saw a truck and it was lifted and the back end was squatted so bad that the tip of the muffler was almost level with the ground

  80. DCP0928

    Now this is real education.