My lawnmower’s cooler than your lawnmower!

Ginger Billy

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    I got tired of getting sun burn and having swamp butt every time I cut grass on a regular lawn I developed the most luxurious cutting machine you’ve ever seen! The RON BEER!
    To potentially win a Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 and support a great cause go to:

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    1. #VBsDrinkReviews

      What would you charge to build me one or help me build one ? this would be amazing since I just had back surgery.

    2. roland curtis

      my dads a mechanic and a machinist. we are building one of these

    3. roland curtis

      that is so fucking cool man

    4. Judith Walker

      I want a ronbeer BTW live your vids in live in South Carolina so I known how it feels and like the video when your did people in the south

    5. Sirron Bailey


    6. Kip Stanley

      Where can I find me a Ron Beer?

    7. William Thomas

      Where I can I buy this at I would love it

    8. ShadowGamer AX

      How do I get one?

    9. István Berg

      XD XD XD

    10. Ritchie Vernon

      Now that's an awesome video and it's pretty ingenious how he did his lawn mower! 😬😹😎

    11. Thor Long

      Soooo Irish...

    12. john vandermeer

      Gotta get one. 🤔👍

    13. Brandon Mills


    14. Big J

      This was the truck with ridiculous mirrors!

    15. Kim Barlow

      Ok this has just gone too far

    16. Brandon Rickborn / Pony Express Yourself


    17. Paul Runnals

      I need me a Ron Beer

    18. electro master

      Wow I need one

    19. Jessica Ortiz

      Where he be getting all this weird cars ?hahahahahaha I love it so much 😂🤣👏

    20. Model A Denny

      Ain't nuthin runs like a Beer!😎 Ginger Billy is gittin more views than those 18 year old city girls with fake boobs. Keep it in America boys and girls. I'm gonna win that Mustang and jam a mower deck under it for my plantation.

    21. Brigette Friend

      Where can I find a Ron beer

    22. alasemp

      I would say just use your money to buy a tractor to deal with the swamp but the fact that you put all that work to create something so ingenious rebukes my statement

    23. Grill side Pickin

      This dude's physique could make a gay man go straight, just so he could have the opportunity to go gay again!

    24. SkaPunkmaniac

      No lie I need a Ron beer lawn mower in my life now!!!!!!!

    25. LeEpicMuffin

      how much for one

    26. Cole F

      What in the florida...?

    27. Silviu Mario

      Ce ai ma de faci asa😅😅😅

    28. william terrill

      How much would you charge to make one of these ron beers

    29. Mountain LWolf

      You mean John Queer lol

    30. Cathy

      I would consider purchasing a ron beer if you could raise the deck just a bit.

    31. Rebecca

      This man is the Henry Ford of the lawnmower world. Get backers and investors .....Start a factory for mowers with AC and music. Big demand, considering the comments.

    32. Yes

      This is the most american thing i ve evr seen

    33. Nicole Mackey

      Can I just be the neighbor with binoculars who had to switch from bird watching to Billy watching?

    34. Tiffany Stevenson

      WHAT the hell?!!! THAT is so cool!

    35. Bob Bob

      Is wisling Diesel in truck gang

    36. Scorpion Punch

      Billy is the type of guy to turn 2 miniguns into a jetpack

    37. Jake Heller

      This fuckin guy.....inspires me!!! 😂😂😂

    38. Peter Pa

      Reminded me of Ernest P. Worrell, but successful! I wish I had property big enough to get a "Ron Beer"!

    39. ShakeyBoyzs

      Elon Musk has been real quite since this dropped

    40. DESU!

      I'm going to get this for my dad, where do I buy?

    41. Nemo Bot

      How can I get myself a Ron beer

    42. Bob Novac

      A Ron beer is the most insanely genius concept I need one!

    43. J.A.D.A

      Wher can I get me one of dem Ron beers

    44. Robert Smith

      I want to enter for the ronbeer

    45. Eric Cartman

      Who wants to see him drift the Ron Beer

    46. Retardedmemeboi 69

      I'm ngl this is pretty smart

    47. Nathaniel Lopez

      I’ve been looking on Amazon all day but I just can’t seem to find a Ron Beer?. It’s like it’s one of a kind?!

    48. Horace the Lion

      “Rye Cheer” 😂😂😂

    49. Thejedi 37

      Finally a KGupr who I actually have a chance at meeting cuz we live in the same state!

    50. Pepe Silvia

      I don't wanna win any of that stuff, I just wanna win me a Ron Beer mower!

    51. Jim

      That Ron beer is making my loins moist....not to mention those jorts! Love it!


      This man is the most American man I have ever seen

    53. Jason Kyle


    54. SunflowerArcher

      Waitaminute...isn't that your truck gang? How you gonna flex on the haters now that your dually is a Ron beer?

    55. Ryli Edgar

      my lawnmower is better than yours my lawnmower is a lambo

    56. Mark S

      This is actually a pretty cool idea considering what a zero turn cost now. $500 car and maybe $800 for a used engine and deck. Then some welding. Bingo a luxury lawn mower

    57. Ol' Sgt. Love

      Oh,mannnnnnn....had me rolling from the start ... I want one of those ...lololol...good stuff dude !!!!! God Bless yall too ...

    58. Khoa Tran


    59. Playstations Finest

      Wow I don't ever wanna see somebody or somthing like this again .....😬


      I'd rather win the round beer mower

    61. Tony B

      I bleed Beer green

    62. Antonio Covington


    63. Steven de Kock

      Sorry about the blasphemy

    64. Dario

      Look at 'er purr...

    65. Nolan Norvell

      I need something like that you’re a genius

    66. B G

      Swamp Butt!

    67. Isaac Rake

      How much do you want for it?

    68. Jason Booth

      God help us all

    69. Miguel g

      This man's a fukin genius🤣🤣

    70. Crazy granny

      You're a GENUS! 😇 A shorter version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Einstein,and Billy Bob Thornton.all rolled into one 🥰 LOL,and have a blessed day.

    71. XxSUFRIRxX

      Me gets a lawnmower ad XD

    72. Cris Cale

      Wow his cool lawnmower my friend ❤👍

    73. PontiacGTOFan 11

      I GIVE YOU 1000$ FOR IT JK

    74. Tracker Wolff

      This actually reminds me of monster garage

    75. Tore Strand

      "A portion of your donation goes to..." He had my respect up till then. You donate, he is happy. It's your money. Soon to be his?

    76. Nedd Ludd

      Damn, you’re a genius! If I lived on a small bit of land I would get one of these. I live in a damn apartment, no need for this wonderful equipment. Oh yes, I would do business with you. You got innovation, energy, self belief and a whole bunch of other good things! Great attitude!

    77. Ravinder Kaur Bains


    78. ACIDJAWS32

      The Ron Beer hauls ASS!

    79. Yaboi Leeroy

      I to get into field mowing. Put a bigger motor on it and you've got yourself a deal.

    80. Peter Spencer

      I want that logo on a T shirt. I'm still looking for a better shot of the one on the grill.

    81. TommyBoyZ

      I ain't want no mustang, I want a Ron Beer

    82. Mr. Doggo

      Dang bro. Jesus loves you btw

    83. t bone

      You need your own show batshit crazy

    84. Chancey464

      Good thing you live in the country, this man would run city folk nuts with his loud toys/inventions, hoa ppl would run ya'll out of town, lol. Have fun with the brainiac. Keep on keeping on.

    85. Sara Croughan

      I want to put in a chance to win a day hanging out with you not someone else 😂 😊. And I'd rather win the Ron beer over anything

    86. Sara Croughan

      I think he stays in shape just by the way he moves when he talks 😂

    87. Sara Croughan

      Right cheer 🤣

    88. Sara Croughan

      No joke "Ginger Billy" if you started to sell these people would definitely buy them You could become rich just selling these. Incredible invention.

    89. Miguel D

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    90. Dan Vasii

      Actually your lawnmower is far hotter than mine....

    91. Ronald McCoy

      Lol this is great

    92. Proteus Valkorion Loveless

      I love your outfit, bro.

    93. Ethan Mitchell

      How in the hell does this man do shit like this so fast. I’ll be watching a build video and it makes it seem so complicated, but then this man does it within the time span of 2 weeks

    94. imblocko

      i mean, he isnt wrong

    95. Ohiovilleconsignment

      Forget the Ford Mustang. How do I win a Ron Beere?!? 🍺 🦌 🚜

    96. Nico1129x

      This was in a Motor Trend article. You should be proud.

    97. zeroboy711

      im kinda mad he ruined a good ford festiva!

    98. Dylan Perry

      I want to see that mustang as a lawn mower...

    99. W D

      Gopal Kaimal (TheCarKids)hates Deutz Fahr tractor becuse there the only thing thats thougher than him